Breakfast Taco & Waffle+Fried Chicken Slider.

21 Jun

Marengo on Union is this small hideaway right above the infamous Bar None. It is a cozy haven for the whiskey-thirsty, serving intoxicating nectars in a springtime of colors, and delicious sliders to please their hazy patrons.

On a beautiful Saturday morning such as this one, Marengo was in all its glory. Early summer skylight shined through their half-opened sky roof.

This was not the place for your $11 breakfast platter. Here everything was served in small, bite-sized portion for some mix n’ match. Without reading much into it, I went  for the more unusual sounding: the breakfast taco plus the waffle and fried chicken slider. And my, were they looking glorious underneath the sun. Inside the taco was the soft-scrambled eggs topped with melted cheese and speckles of chorizo. Green cilantro shreds laid on top of the gold, salsa waiting to be poured.

To the side was the waffle slider: neatly stacked with a piece of crisply fried chicken in the middle, powered sugar dusted generously on top. Oh my my, oh hell yes.

So first try, the taco. As breakfast burritos are quite common (and a lovely choice as hangover cures go), I was not expecting much beyond an open-faced version. Wrong, obviously. Right underneath the bed of scrambled eggs light and fluffy yet rich with sharp cheddar, it came a crunch. A surprise, it was a small bed of golden hash brown underneath! The crispy texture was a fantastic juxtaposition to the cheesy eggs; topped with the salsa, the taco was a summer fiesta on my tongue. While the tortilla was a tad dry, I fully enjoyed this combination. Breakfast burrito, you have been topped.

A sip of my bloody mary and a breath caught from my excitement at discovering something so simple yet delightful, I moved onto the waffle slider: the slider bar’s version of chicken and waffles. The waffle was not soft and buttery but almost crunchy to the bite – which I learnt later was to soak up all that delicious syrup. The small piece of fried chicken was divine; a honey rub before being lightly breaded then fried, juicy still in the center. That hint of honey in the chicken made the idea of mixing savory and sweet (which I never appreciated much) harmonious.

While no ingredient here was out of the ordinary, the modern twist on breakfast food and their little touches of genius (hash brown & honey rub) made the dishes interesting and different to me. And seriously, what could go wrong with a place that comes with a “brunch cocktail” menu?

Marengo on Union |  1980 Union Street | San Francisco, CA 94123 | 415.441.2575


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