All-In-One Sandwich.

12 Jun

Originally from Pittsburgh, Giordano Bros is a small corner joint on Columbus Ave, offering live music, beer and bites. It is, of course, also one of the biggest Steelers’ bar in the city. I remember many Sunday afternoons strolling past, peering through their almost floor-length window to see the place packed with cheering / tearing fans of black and yellow.

(not taken during football season)

Aside from providing Steelers’ fans a home-away-from-home, Giordano’s also serves up a Pittsburgh delicacy: the All-In-One Sandwich. This sandwich has a cult following that rivals Ike’s Place. Though, unlike the crazy options Ike’s has to offer, the All-In-One Sandwich is far simpler. Italian meat of your choice, provolone, cole slaw and fries. All of that sandwiched between two slices of bread. A dish made of unusual ingredients it is not, but it does comes on board under “familiar food goes wild”. Served with a fork in case you like to eat the spillage salad-style.

Now it sounds like a lot (and a combination slightly bizarre) to be packed into one sandwich – and ultimately, one bite. But it wasn’t. Imagine tasting it in this order: a slice of white French bread soft and sweet as the cloud, followed by the vinegary crunchy cole slaw, crispy ends of thick cut french fries with a mashed-potatoy center, then onto melted provolone, warm and hearty grilled italian sausage (in my case), and ending with another slice of fluffiness.

It was so delicious yet non-disruptive. The varying textures and tastes made this into a one-bite-wonder. It was messy yet fun (as the best foods always are!), and washed down nicely with some beer in an ice-chilled mug. I also soaked the bread with some leftover wing sauce to add a layer of tangy spice. All the simple awesomeness in one big, blissful bite.

All. In. One.

Giordano Bros | 303 Columbus Ave. | San Francisco, CA 94133 | 415.397.2767


One Response to “All-In-One Sandwich.”

  1. Tiffanie June 14, 2011 at 10:39 AM #

    woman, you need to come to my home state of NJ and try the grease trucks out…

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